Creating E-mail Links
  1. In CMS Wiki you may link only to CMS e-mail addresses.

  2. Make sure you have permission before linking to anyone else’s CMS e-mail address.

  3. Always form your e-mail links using the CMS Website “E-mail Robot”. This provides a form for people to fill out rather than depending on their computer to have a default e-mail program.

  4. Be sure you DO NOT type the person’s full e-mail address on the page. This only invites spammers to collect and use the person’s email address.

  5. Type the person’s name or a phrase like “Contact me” and highlight it.

  6. Click the “Create Hyperlink” button on the toolbar.

  7. A prompt window will open. Enter the following URL in the box:
    (TIP: Don't copy the URL from here... see below)

  8. Replace the blank at the end with the part of the person’s email address that appears before the @ symbol.

    Example: For the e-mail address, the URL would be:

TIP: Copy the URL below to make as a link in your page, then add the email name at the end.